Deichbrand Festival July, 16-19 - 2020 Sea-Airport Cuxhaven
Sonntag, 22:00 Uhr, Fire Stage 2019


After a very special concept-show called Akkordarbeit on the huge Fire Stage at DEICHBRAND Festival 2018, Alligatoah will this year be displayed right on top of the line-up. So brace yourselves; this headliner show will once again be a genuine acoustic spectacle: The German rapper, singer, DJ and producer Alligatoah will most certainly turn your world of music upside down. 

Be part of the very personal world of sound, presented by headliner Alligatoah at DEICHBRAND Festival 2019!

The show will be as special as amazing. That’s for sure, as his new songs reveal that he longs for distance just as he longs for music. So just like always, Alligatoah processes his most intimate thoughts and emotions through his live performance. This time he will do so on his tour called "Wie Zuhause” (which means “just like home”). So the festival season can already be, as far as it concerns Alligatoah, resumed in one quote: "I feel like home - but at home I want to leave". Now get your tickets, leave for DEICHBRAND 2019 and become part of a headliner show out of the ordinary!