Deichbrand Festival July, 18-21 - 2024 Cuxhaven/Nordholz

Festival Order

1. validity

These site regulations apply to the entire festival site belonging to the DEICHBRAND Festival on the North Sea at the Cuxhaven/Nordholz seaport.

Address: Otto-Lilienthal-Straße 1, 27639 Wurster Nordseeküste

2. liability clause

Attendance of the event is at your own risk. The organizer is not liable for any damage to property or bodily injury. Guests do not have any claims against the organizer as a result of attending the event. All guests are liable for any damage culpably caused by them!

3. domiciliary rights

ESK Events & Promotion GmbH has domiciliary rights and can ban guests from the premises if they violate or disregard the site regulations. The ban is valid in any case until 29.07.2023. In case of a ban, the ticket loses its validity. In no case there is a claim for refund of the entrance fee.

4. security service

The instructions of the security staff must be followed. The security service represents the house rights of ESK Events & Promotion GmbH and is authorized to issue bans.

5. the aim of the site regulations is,

a) to prevent the endangerment / damage of persons and property.

b) to protect the site mentioned in item 1. from damage and contamination.

c) to guarantee a trouble-free course of the events.

6. it is not allowed

a) to enter the premises without a valid admission ticket or other authorization.

b) to enter areas and rooms not intended for the general public.

c) to drive on the premises with vehicles of any kind without special permission and to park them in places that are not permitted.

d) to remove, climb over or scale structural and other installations.

e) to bring dangerous, bulky objects or objects suitable as projectiles onto the premises, such as bottles, cans, weapons, flagpoles, ladders, folding chairs, boxes, etc.

f) to carry and use gas cylinders.

g) To carry, burn or shoot fireworks, sparklers and pyrotechnic objects of any kind, as well as to make fire.

h) to throw objects into the audience area or into the backstage area.

i) to defecate outside the toilets or to soil the premises in any other way and to bring suitable objects such as confetti, paper scraps and paper rolls for this purpose.

j) to bring animals of any kind onto the premises.

k) to write on, paint on or glue to structural and other installations (in particular also paths).

l) to make film, video and sound recordings without the permission of the organizer.

m) to behave against the instructions of the stewards.

n) to take food of any kind on the festival area (infield) except a small packed lunch.

o) to bring beverages of any kind on the festival area.

p) to take megaphones onto the festival grounds.

q) to collect deposits.

r) to engage in so-called "crowd surfing" or "stage diving".

s) sell merchandising of any kind.

t) distribute promotional items or flyers.

u) to paste posters.

7. camping & parking

a) Camping is reserved for guests with a 4-day festival ticket, 5-day festival ticket incl. early arrival or a special camping ticket (one-night-stand). Parking is free of charge in the designated parking areas and may only take place in areas designated by ESK Events & Promotion GmbH.

b) When exchanging the ticket for a wristband, guests will receive a trash bag each.

c) It is allowed to take beer, wine, spirits etc. to the campsite! Drinks in glass bottles and glass containers are not allowed on the campsite due to the risk of injury. Please bring your drinks in TetraPak, PET, cans or kegs. There are no restrictions for food

(e.g. spread jars are allowed).

d) Camping and parking is separated for organizational reasons. Exception are the Womo camps with costs.

e) Camping in the park area is prohibited.

f) Guests are obliged to remove any items they have brought with them until the end of the event. (tents, pavilions etc.)

g) Open fire is prohibited.

8. legal regulations

The general legal regulations, especially those concerning the protection of life, physical integrity and public safety and order remain unaffected.

9. prohibition of glass

On the whole event area (festival area, camping site, parking lot) it is strictly forbidden to bring glass! The disposal costs and the great risk of injury make this step necessary. Luggage controls will be carried out! Glass containers will be collected by the security service and disposed of without reimbursement. We ask for your understanding and cooperation.

10. photo and video recordings of guests

At the festival, photographs and film footage will be taken, reproduced and used by the media and/or the organizer, e.g. for current reports or documentations, which will be distributed via print, DVD, TV and/or the Internet. By entering the festival grounds, the guests of the festival agree that these recordings also depict the person of the guests and may be used for the aforementioned purposes without compensation.

11. hearing protection

Loud music can damage your hearing. We recommend ear protection!