Deichbrand Festival July, 21-24 - 2022 Sea-Airport Cuxhaven
Womo Green

For environmentally conscious festival fans who like camping with their motorhome a bit quieter and cleaner, we have set up the Womo Green Camp. The regulations of the Womo Camp as well as the Green Camp apply here too.

On site, you will be instructed by our camping crew. For each sticker there is one parking space for your vehicle and one additional structure. Remember that only a single pavilion or tent is allowed and be sure to stick to the areas allocated to you.

The use of this camping option is only possible in combination with a regular combi-ticket. The general terms and conditions of the Womo Camps can be foundhere


At Womo Green Camp the same rules apply as at the traditional Green Camp:

Green Camping Principles:

1. Keep quiet

At the Green Camp we keep the volume as low as possible. Megaphones and loud music players are taboo - we want you to be able to sleep well and relax here. Of course, this doesn’t mean absolute silence at the Green Camp - conversations and music should just take place at a volume that is okay for all neighbours.

2. Avoid waste

At Green Camp we pay special attention to produce as little waste as possible and take care that unavoidable garbage does not end up in the countryside but in the available waste bins. Also use your waste bags to secure your garbage bonus at the end of the festival!

3. Show consideration

Consideration for your fellow human beings should be granted during the whole festival and should of course also be considered outside the Green Camp. Nevertheless we want to emphasize: Your stay here should be as pleasant as possible for everyone involved. It's always worthwhile to look left and right and help others!