Deichbrand Festival July, 20-23 - 2023 Cuxhaven/Nordholz
Regular Camping

To camp at the DEICHBRAND Festival you need a combination ticket (4 days incl. camping).

The campsite is open from Thursday at noon to Monday at noon.

Early arrival from Wednesday 03:00 p.m. is only possible with the appropriate ticket.

You are allowed to bring tents and tent material, tent accessories like camping chairs and a maximum of one normal pavilion (3x3 meters) per camp (for about 10 persons). If a larger group is camping together, more pavilions are allowed. Disproportionate structures such as party tents are not permitted!



We offer shower facilities on all campsites. Bring your own shampoo and towels, running water is free - hot and cold as you like!

First Aid & Paramedics

For medical emergencies, paramedics and doctors from the Johanniter team are always at your disposal. Medical tents can be found in the camping area as well as between Camp Central and the concrete factory.


Open fire is forbidden on the whole festival area. Barbecue is allowed of course, but don't leave your stove unattended at any time! Liquid barbecue igniters and gas cookers with cartridges over 250g gas weight are not allowed on the grounds.

Glass Ban

For safety reasons, glass is strictly prohibited on the entire festival grounds. We control the access to the campground and the infield and pull in all glass bottles without replacement.

Military Security Area

Our site borders directly on a seaport and a naval pilot squadron. So be sure to mind the barriers! Violations will be punished with a ban and reported to the police.


Bringing generators or additional car batteries is generally prohibited. 230V sockets are available in our safe boxes to charge your devices. Womo Watt and Comfort Village offer camping with electricity.


A festival area is not a suitable place for animals. Spare your four-legged friends stress and noise and leave them at home please!

Severe Weather

In case of weather turbulences, please follow our instructions and at best seek shelter in your cars. If you meet people who can't find shelter or are unable to help themselves, please take them in!


Weapons are strictly forbidden in the whole area! We carry out check-ups and report violations to the authorities. This also applies to fireworks, flares and other pyrotechnics!

Motor Home

In the Womo Camp you can camp at or in your own vehicle, no matter if you bring a camper van, a car or a motorcycle. You can also take trailers with you. You can find more information under Womo Camping.