• Age Check

    Age Check

    Before we give out the wristbands at our checkpoints we check every ID. On the grounds we adapt the protruding ends of the festival wristbands to recognise the person's age. If you are under 16, both ends will be removed. If you are between 16 and 18 years of age we remove the blue end and if you are 18 years or older we leave both ends (red and blue) on the wristband. If you are under 16 years, you need to get a YOUNG ROCKER stamp to be able to check in.  You can find more information about the "Age Check" subject in the EDUCATION DESIGNATION and Protection of Minors sections.

  • Arrival


    If you are going by CAR from Bremen/Bremerhaven you should take the A27 towards Cuxhaven. Coming from Hamburg you should take the B73 towards Cuxhaven and then change to the A27 towards Bremen/Bremerhaven. Either way, you take the Nordholz/Seeflughafen exit. As from this exit you should turn off your navigation system and follow the street signs towards the festival grounds. Along the way you will meet staff from our transport team. Please listen to their instructions as they have an overview on site traffic and it's their job to ensure that you get to your destination as soon as possible!
    For the sake of the environment and to shorten waiting times we suggest you invite your friends to go along with you in the same car. This saves fuel costs and of course it is much more fun. 

    If you are going by TRAIN from Hamburg you get off at the Cuxhaven station. On the other hand, it you are coming from Bremen/Bremerhaven you should take the Nordseebahn and get off at the Nordholz station. There will be a shuttle service at both stations that will take you directly to the festival grounds. Buses run at regular intervals in synchrony with train arrival times. Don't worry if you miss a bus - the next one is surely on its way. We do our best to reduce your waiting time to a minimum. Trips should cost between €3 and €5 each way.

    IMPORTANT: follow the detailed information regarding the opening of the grounds!

  • Swimming


    The North Sea coast is also a popular destination for non-festival fans. The DUHNEN, DÖSE or SAHLENBURG beaches are the best places to have a good time - so grab a towel and head off to the cool water. If, contrary to your expectations, you only find mud on the beach, there is no reason to worry - that is due to low tide! You can still have lots of fun and besides, mud is also healthy for your feet, but always keep an eye open for mud-pigs! If you want to know the exact situation you can check it here: Low and High Tide.

  • Wheel chair

    Wheel chair

    We would like to make our festival as accessible as possible. That’s why we offer you the possibility to take an accompanying person with you to our festival grounds to support you in the everyday festival life, free of charge. Please contact our visitors’ service team after purchasing your ticket. You can contact our colleagues on info@deichbrand.de and they will explain how your accompanying person can get free admission and what things you will have to keep in mind. There is a separate parking area at the Sea-Airport, from where you can quickly and easily reach the BACKSTAGE Checkpoint (Walter-Carstens-Straße) to get your festival wristbands. Of course there will also be special camping areas and sanitary facilities. From the podium on our VISITORS TOWER you have a good view of the entire event site!

  • Beach Area

    Beach Area

    Our BEACH AREA is an action area run in cooperation with the Nordseeheilbad Cuxhaven and the Cux Tourismus GmbH. Hopefully if weather is sunny you can play in two separate BEACH VOLLEYBALL and BEACH SOCCER fields. If you'd rather take it easy, why not relax on one of the CANOPIED BEACH CHAIRS?

  • Cup Deposit

    Cup Deposit

    All the drinks in the OPEN AIR ARENA are sold in cups against a cup deposit. You pay €1 deposit for every cup. If you don't feel like bothering returning the cup or if you would like to do a good deed, you can donate the cup to Viva con Agua. All the money collected from deposits will be put to good use in drinking water projects around the whole world. Basically you will come across deposit boxes and promoters around the whole place. Just look around for the special flags and help us help!

  • Stages


    The enormous FIRE STAGE and the neighbouring WATER STAGE show up in a distinctive design and as usual bands alternate between the two of them. Our two show-pieces will be positioned once again at a 90° angle from each other. Another feature are the Video Walls, where the complete stage programme will be projected – this allows you to see the live show from virtually any point on the infield. On the FÜÜRPÜÜSTER club stage in our 10-pole palace tent you can expect further technical refinements.

  • Camping


    If you are in possession of a combination or Friendship ticket, camping is free for you. If you would like to take your car, Motorbike or motor home with you in the camping area, our WOMO Camp is just the right thing for you. You would rather prefer something quieter? - then head off to the Greencamp!

    One thing is common to all our camping areas: they have no general power supply, however, our partner VOLT! will be more than happy to charge your mobiles and other equipment. There is a glass ban in all areas- this is to guarantee your safety and also because the camping areas are used as pasture grounds. For that reason, it is of course unacceptable to have glass shards in the soil! Open fire is prohibited, liquid igniters are not admitted but it goes without saying that BBQs are allowed. If you prefer cooking with gas, why not? But gas cylinders over 190g have to stay outside!

    In this shop you can order tents and different camping equipment for DEICHBRAND Festival.

  • Checkpoints


    Wristbands will be handed out once again at various checkpoints. Upon presentation of your ticket and ID card you will be given a festival wristband and a garbage bag. Please keep your ticket as it will replace your chip for the garbage deposit. In order to keep your waiting time as short as possible, we suggest our fast lane: check in without luggage, go back to the car and then head towards the campsite taking the luggage with you and go through the glass check. That's the fastest way, which will spare you all the stress!

  • Crowdsurfing


    Crowd surfing can be fun but it's extremely dangerous! Despite all the hype, we ask you to stay as much as possible with both feet on the ground. The risk of getting hurt is far too high.

    In other words: Crowd surfing is prohibited! If you still want to go against the prohibition, you risk loosing your ticket - is that worth risking? 

  • Cuxhaven


    Our North Sea pearl. Home and birthplace of the DEICHBRAND Festival. Many of our crew come from here, the northernmost corner of Lower Saxony and they have remained loyal to their home town right to this day. No other festival site offers such fresh coastal air as our beloved Cuxhaven, the place where the river Elbe flows into the North Sea. Are you in the mood for sea? - check: www.cuxhaven.de.

  • Food & Co

    Food & Co

    To survive four days and nights of pure rocking you need energy and strength. For this reason you will find numerous food stalls scattered all over the festival grounds, where to soothe your growling stomach. If you prefer cooking yourself, feel free to visit our two on-site supermarkets.  Here you will find anything that should never go missing on a festival table, from ravioli to meat for grilling and cool cans of beer. That includes rubber boots, sunscreen, cigarettes... "Let´s go to the Mall!"

  • First Aid & Paramedics

    First Aid & Paramedics

    Paramedics are always ready to assist you throughout the entire festival. Should you suffer any bodily problems/injuries or if your security is put at risk, please contact the Security and they will help you and establish contact with them. The crew will also help you with emotional problems. You will find them between the "Betonwerk" and "CAMP Mitte". Should you know that you'll need medical assistance on site prior to the festival, just contact us in time and we'll take care of the rest.

  • Festival Wristbands

    Festival Wristbands

    Even this year you will receive a festival wristband in exchange for your festival ticket at our checkpoints. The wristband is not just a stylish accessory, it also serves for the age check. The wristband is not transferable and will lose its validity as soon as you remove it. Unfortunately we will not be able to provide you with a replacement wristband if you loose or damage it - so take good care of your little treasure!  Are you a fan of "old school" aluminium closures? You can exchange your festival wristband at our brand store for €1.

  • Fire


    Naked flames are prohibited all over the festival grounds (even in campsites). We are at the DEICHBRAND and not at the Burning Man! BBQs are allowed, of course, but never let your cooking area unattended! Liquid BBQ lighters may not be brought into the grounds and while we are on the subject: Gas cookers with cartridges heavier than 190g must also stay outside closed areas. The most horrible scenarios occur over and over again due to gas and fire accidents. Please take care of yourselves and your fellows!

  • Photographs


    It is prohibited to take photos, videos and audio recordings for professional purposes.  Your SLR must stay at home. However, you can fill your mobile phone or digital camera to the brim, as long as it's for private use. Anything your lens won't capture will be definitely in the galleries in the history area of our website.

  • Lost property

    Lost property

    Who hasn't experienced this situation: ''until a minute ago it was right here, and now it's gone!'' For this reason we have set up a Lost Property office at the main entrance of the OPEN AIR ARENA. Whether you are looking for, or have found something - please do contact us so that anything lost will go back to the pocket of its rightful owner. Just think how happy you would be if someone had to return something you've lost!

    Anything not picked up during the festival ends up at the lost Property office of the Nordholz municipality. You can reach them on +49 4741-97 99 23. 

  • Gas cookers

    Gas cookers

    Today I'll bake, tomorrow I'll brew and the day after tomorrow I'll take the gas cooker to the campsite. Why not? Their energy efficiency is much greater than that of a BBQ and they also generate less smell. However, gas cartridges weighing more than 190g may not be brought to our grounds. As with motorhomes, the situation is slightly different. We will spot check the seal of the gas system. If your seal has expired, your vehicle may not enter the camp. If everything is fine, you may park it without problems in the allotted space.

  • Guest list

    Guest list

    If you managed to get your name listed in our guest list, your check in will take place in the building of the voluntary Fire Brigade in Pickerstraße 74 in Wanhöden. Please keep your passport and the printed voucher that you have received by post ready. This will accelerate your check-in and reduce your waiting time.

  • ATM


    "Money is coming out of the wall…" - so that you don't end up without money from all the partying, we have set up two ATMs at the entrance of the OPEN AIR ARENA. Here you can get new notes against a small fee. Think about this: your money is safe as long as it remains in the ATM!

  • Generators


    Generators are generally prohibited for safety reasons and because of their background noise. VOLT!,our partner, offers you the opportunity to charge your mobile phones & Co directly in your pocket for a reasonable price. However, you are more than welcome to check alternative solutions, e.g. solar powered systems. Nowadays there are numerous small devices that cover the basic needs even without generators.

  • Drinks & Co

    Drinks & Co

    "Let´s have a drink, or maybe two, or maybe three or four..." - at the numerous drink stalls around the grounds you will find anything you can imagine. Coffee, cocktails, juices, beer - there should be something for everyone. Click here to read about the cup deposit. If you prefer to bring along your own drinks to the festival, you may of course also do so. But in order to avoid disappointments during check-in, please remember that we have a general glass ban. If you do not want to tow heavy pallets, you can stock up at one of our two festival supermarkets. Here you can get chilled cans of beer, water, soft drinks and of course food & Co.

    There is an extra rule for the OPEN AIR ARENA: here you are only allowed to bring in soft drinks that are packaged in a sealed tetra pack with a maximum capacity of 1 liter. Anything else must stay outside, even drink backpacks!

    As one can expect from DEICHBRAND, you always have the possibility to get fresh drinking water next to one of our sanitary facilities.

  • Glass Ban

    Glass Ban

    Shards are supposed to bring good luck, but so far we have not been able to prove that. Therefore, there is a complete and strict glass ban all over the festival grounds. Please find an alternative for your drinks and replace your glass bottles before your arrival. We will confiscate all glass bottles at the entrance without offering replacement. Come on... what would a festival be without shotgunning?

  • Green Camp

    Green Camp

    Green camping is becoming ever more popular. We are really happy about this and that is why we have invited a team from GREEN CIRCUS that have a few unprecedented highlights up their sleeves for you. A large community tent, community barbecues, solar cookers, slackline, artists, upcycling - there is much to discover and try out yourself. The application form will be soon ready for you!

  • BBQs


    Even if open fire is prohibited allover the festival grounds, of course we make an exception for barbecues. But please make sure you never leave your coal unattended. To fire up your coal please use solid lighting material. Anything liquid, be it white spirit, paraffin or even petrol may not be brought with you. Once we're on the food preparation subject, maybe you have a gas cooker?

  • Info Lighthouse

    Info Lighthouse

    You can find anything you need to know about DEICHBRAND at the Info Lighthouse, directly next to the beach area. Playing hours, excursion tips, information on the programme - just stop by and ask. Our colleagues from CUX-Tourismus will be more than happy to help you out!

  • Meeting and pick-up at  „Bringen & Abholen“

    Meeting and pick-up at „Bringen & Abholen“

    We have established the meeting and pick-up point „Bringen & Abholen“ in the southernmost corner of the Northern car park. Your parents, friends or acquaintances can take you there and pick you up from there. Besides, this meeting and pick-up point is the perfect place to meet and pick up fellow passengers. Please make arrangements in advance as you are only allowed to park for maximum of 15 minutes. This way everyone will have the chance to use this space for loading and unloading without having to wait too long. Do not leave your car unattended. The taxi-rank and the shuttlebus station are also nearby.

  • Rent a Tent

    Rent a Tent

    If you don't own a tent or you don't feel like carrying it around and setting it up, you are in good hands with our partner "Rent a Tent". Not only can you rent tents and other equipment from them but they will even set up your weekend residence for you. It couldn't be easier - just arrive, move in and start celebrating!

  • Merchandise


    Just as in previous years we will be selling the official DEICHBRAND merchandise exclusively in our BRANDSTORE in the OPEN AIR ARENA. For the first time in the entire history of our festival, we can offer a merchandise series by Aniya Zaria, which has been specifically designed for us. Skirts, shirts and hoodies - nice! The popular standard collection, which now also includes a collage jacket, will also be available of course.
    Also new: this year you will be able to exchange your festival wristband with plastic closure for another festival wristband with a classic aluminium closure. This increases the wearing comfort!

    You will find all your favourite band's merchandise directly next door.

  • Garbage deposit

    Garbage deposit

    Each year, countless amounts of garbage are left behind on the camping areas: tents, barbecues, cans, packaging - the cleaning effort is immense! In order to prevent that this problem remains our sole responsibility, this year we have devised a new system aimed at making the garbage disposal easy and uncomplicated for you. More garbage stations, faster disposal and easy handling - here we go...

    When you pick-up your wristband from ourcheck points, you will receive a garbage bag besides your wristband. Once it has been filled up, you can hand it in at our garbage reception centre. For each full garbage bag that you hand in you will get a stamp on your festival ticket - therefore,  please don't forget to bring your ticket to the garbage reception centre. You then have to take your stamped ticket to one of our check points, where your ticket will be scanned and you will get back your €10 garbage deposit, which you paid when purchasing a combination ticket. It might sound complicated, but it is not. Fill up your garbage bag, take it to the reception centre, have your ticket stamped, take your stamped ticket to the check point and get your money back!

    We will accept garbage bags that have been filled at least 75%. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask one of the crew members on site and they will be happy to assist you.


  • Parking


    Free parking is available all around the festival grounds. This year Greencampers will have their own parking. Just follow the signs and the instructions of our traffic team on site. The parking is open from Thursday 5 p.m. until Monday 12 a.m. Please do not arrive earlier (see Arriving)

  • Police


    Police at the DEICHBRAND is friendly and rocks! Should there be any problems for whatever reasons, you will find the colleagues in our security area. Please inform security in urgent cases, who can inform the police over the radio. 

    Be prepared for general traffic controls while getting there and leaving.

  • Press


    Accredited press members will be cared for by our on site PRESS/MEDIA team.

  • Pyrotechnics


    Anyone playing with fire will be banned from the festival grounds and handed over to the police. Please leave throwdowns, rockets, flares and all other types of  firecrackers at home. The risk of injury is simply too high! If you do like professional fire shows, we have a little surprise for you...

  • Supporting programms

    Supporting programms

    Festival action is simply not enough for you and you want to get more sea? You can look forward to our supporting programme that takes place from Friday to Sunday and that has the right offer for any North Sea lover! A visit to the OPEN AIR ARENA and itsBeach Area which is run cooperation with the Nordseeheilbad Cuxhaven, the CUX Tourismus GmbH and the Beachsportclub Cuxhaven will put you in the right festival mood. In hopefully sunny weather you can get rid of all your excess energy on two beach volleyball fields and a beach soccer field. If you'd rather experience a more relaxed beach feeling, you can chill out in one of our canopied beach chairs or simply on the sand.

    At the information lighthouse you can inform yourself about WINDSURFING, KITESURFING, SUP and all other offers by the Cuxhaven surfing school. If you decide to book one of the courses until August 8, 2013, you will receive a 25% discount upon presentation of your festival wristband. Whether Nordic by nature or from far and wide - experience!

    Too much action? Off you go to the mudflats!

  • Sanitary facilities

    Sanitary facilities

    Since we would like to satisfy all your needs regarding cleanliness and personal hygiene, this year we have once more increased the number of showers and toilets available. Of course there will also be drinking water dispensers, so that you will have fresh water for cooking and washing up at any time.

  • Security


    In case you get into trouble, police delegation and the fire brigade are stationed centrally in our security area, between the Betonwerk and CAMP Mitte. The security area can be quickly reached from the campsites and the OPEN AIR ARENA. In emergencies please ask the security staff and a member of the camping team to call for help over the radio.

  • Electricity


    Generators are generally prohibited for safety reasons and because of their background noise. VOLT!,our partner, offers you the opportunity to charge your mobile phones & Co directly in your pocket for a reasonable price. However, you are more than welcome to check alternative solutions, e.g. solar powered systems. Nowadays there are numerous small devices that cover the basic needs even without generators.

  • Taxis


    By taxi to...Wanhöden. If you are willing to pay a little bit more than for the shuttle bus, you can of course also take a taxi to the festival. There will certainly always be a taxi at the Cuxhaven and Nordholz train stations. The drivers leave from the festival grounds near the meeting and pick-up point. A small advice: agree on a fixed price before leaving, otherwise the drivers will most probably overcharge you. In case there's no taxi available, call these numbers:

    +49 4741-8080
    +49 4742-2121
    +49 4742-363
    +49 4721-51525
    +49 4721-711616
    +49 4721-65000

  • Animals


    Go hog wild, let the cow fly and take off like a scalded cat but please, do leave your dogs, chickens, cats, chameleons, fleas, rats, giraffes, baboons and anything else at home! The festival grounds is not a suitable place for animals and pets.

  • Severe weather conditions

    Severe weather conditions

    In case of a storm, we will promptly notify you via the communication channels available to us. Please follow our orders if necessary and seek shelter in your cars if possible. Should you meet someone who has no shelter or cannot help himself, please take this person under your wing. We are a community and should help each other!

  • Video surveillance

    Video surveillance

    Major parts of the festival area are monitored by video cameras. This is for your safety and not to spy on you or so. The background is as follows: in case serious problems arise during the event, the causes of these can be determined on basis of the records.

  • Weapons Ban

    Weapons Ban

    As you can certainly imagine, weapons are prohibited in the entire festival! We want to spend a great time with you and not to argue, therefore please do not bring anything with you that could breach this rule.

  • WOMO Camp

    WOMO Camp

    The WOMO Camp is the only campsite where you can take in your vehicle with you (no matter what type). However, you will need a WOMO badge. The badge is valid per vehicle. Should you be four persons sharing a motorhome, you need one badge, not four. Consequently friends who do not stay in the WOMO Camp can visit you without any problems. Trailers can be taken into the WOMO camp without the need of further badges. Please fill in your badges completely and stick them on the inside of your vehicle's windscreen. If a badge is not filled in, access to the camp will be denied! During admission the public order office may carry out random checks of your gas systems. Please make sure that the test seals are still valid prior togetting there, otherwise you won't be allowed in the grounds. Our camping crew will be on site and give instructions. There will be one plot per badge with enough space for 1-2 tents besides the vehicle. Please make sure that you stick to the assigned areas!

    You can either order the WOMO badge together with combination tickets or buy it at a later date through our ticket hotline: + 49 1806 853 851 .

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