Killing two birds with one stone! The SafeBOXes „Warschauer Str.“ by BigBoxBerlin are festival locker and charging stations in one! You can find the up cycled shipping containers with lockers in two sizes at the Infield-entrance. They provide enough space for valuables, jackets, bags, backpacks, electronical devices etc. The absolute HIGHLIGHT is a 230V power point in every single locker to charge your tired mobile or camera batteries. So don’t forget your chargers!The lockers are accessible round the clock. In case of any problems or questions the BOX/crew will always be on- site.
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Your benefits at a glance:

  • Safety first!
  • Safe storage for your valuables in a safe made of 7 tons of steel!
  • Empty mobile phone battery? Not with BigBoxBerlin! 230V power points in each locker - Don’t forget your chargers!
  • We, the BOX-Crew, are there for you at any time!
  • 24 hour accessibility and support – Go to your locker whenever you like!
  • Size matters! Choose between two locker sizes and pick the one which suits you best!
  • No Worries! In case of emergency, the contents of each locker are insured up to 500 EUR!

Location and opening-hours:
The BOX-Crew offers you 24-hour support from Thursday, 19.07.2017, 12:00pm until Monday, 24.07.2017, 12:00pm. You can access your valuables and charge your phones at any time and you’ll always have a friendly contact person. You can find the BOXes in the area of the Infield entrance.

Needless to say you can get tickets on-site for the whole length of the festival or just for one day. Since the number of lockers available is limited we recommend an early online/reservation. Go to now and score yourself one of the festival lockers for the Deichbrand Festival 2017 before hand!

More about BigBoxBerlin:
If you want to know more about shipping container- architecture, mobile pools or tiny houses by BigBoxBerlin then visit us on our homepage or facebook page. 


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